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Palatine Township Republican Organization is the premier political organization of the Chicagoland area. We have become stop #1 and the victory center for political campaigns across the state. Governors, lawmakers, judges, radio personalities and numerous state politicians have come through our doors.

Our great state of Illinois, rich with history and national significance, is in jeopardy. Once a state where people flocked for new opportunity and freedom, Illinois is better know for its high taxes. Bad policies and Democratic control have gotten us into an unsustainable financial mess that has indebted future generations for years to come. The Democrats would have you believe that we can tax and spend our way to prosperity, while encroaching on our freedoms.

Each election will be vital to the future of Illinois and its citizens. This is why PTRO is teaming up with Republicans and Independents from across the state to help get our citizens involved and their voices heard. With your help we will regain important seats both locally and nationally as we strive to enforce constitutional limits on government and get our fiscal house in order.

2020 Election and Endorsements

The Palatine Township Republican Organization (PTRO) held an endorsement session for contested races across the state on Tuesday, January 28th at the PTRO office at 765 N. Quentin Road in Palatine.

"We had a very engaged crowd at our endorsement session," said Aaron Del Mar, Palatine Township Republican Committeeman. "They listened to the candidates, asked some very probing questions and then voted for their choices. We had candidates for U.S. Senate, Congress, Cook County States Attorney and Judge of the 13th Judicial Sub-Circuit."

PTRO guidelines require that a candidate receive 60% of the cast votes in order to receive an endorsement or at least 50% to be recommended. In the race for U.S. Senate there was no endorsement or recommendation. Peggy Hubbard received 46% of the vote, Mark Curran received 29% and Tom Tarter received 24%. Robert Marshall and Casey Chlebek did not receive any votes. 

For Congress, Jeanne Ives was endorsed with 76% of the vote. In the race for Judge of the 13th Judicial Sub-Circuit, Gary Seyring was endorsed with 87% of the vote. Christopher E. K. Pfannkuche received an endorsement for Cook County States Attorney with 74% of the vote.

Paid for by Palatine Township Republican Organization. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.
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