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Palatine Township Republicans are always seeking committed and motivated conservatives who are ready to make a difference in their local community. From doing literature drops and knocking on doors during election season to assisting in monthly meetings and events, Palatine Township Republicans encourage you to reach out if you’d like to be more involved. Additionally, make sure you are a registered and dues paying member of Palatine Republicans. Sign up below:

Volunteer Opportunities:

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Become a Neighborhood Coordinator 

A strong Neighborhood Coordinator understands that there needs to be consistent outreach to voters in your neighborhood. We need to build relationships with each voter in order to help sway the vote come election day, and also increase visibility around the work that our organization is doing.


PTRO is in the process of building a Republican machine that is always on and always operating. Neighborhood Coordinators help ensure that our organization has consistent outreach to turnout voters (voters that vote Republican but are not voting in every election), effective communication, and that we are offering value through informative events and opportunities to get the community involved in the work that we are doing.


What is the time commitment to a role like this?

2 to 4 hours per month


What will my time be spent doing?

The main job of a Neighborhood Coordinator is voter outreach. This includes phone calls, walking around your neighborhood knocking on doors, urging them to vote in Primary, inviting them to join PTRO’s Membership Program, and signing them up for vote by mail or early vote.


How do I make phone calls to voters?

PTRO will provide you with a script to use to aid in your phone conversations with voters. The actual phone calls will be made using an app called Field Edge 3. These phone calls will be logged and tracked to ensure we are talking to the right voters at the right time.


How do I know who’s door to knock on in my neighborhood?

Using the same app that you use to make phone calls and send text messages, there is a feature that allows you to knock on doors and track any conversations you are having. This will also be tracked so that we know that we are talking to the right voters at the right time. You will know the person’s party affiliation, their vote history, and will also have modeling data to give you an idea of that person’s political views.

Internship Positions Available

The Palatine Township Republican Organization is seeking Interns year-round to work in partisan politics on the township and local level. Students will work in the areas of campaigning, creating political strategies based on legislative district maps, attend and assist at monthly organization meetings, and assist in setting meetings and interviews of incumbent and potential candidates on the local, state and congressional levels running for office.

Young Republicans and Turning Point USA Chapters

If you are a motivated student within the district who is seeking to create a Young Republicans Or Turning Point USA chapter at your school in the Township please contact us! Palatine Township Republicans will feature social media and contact information to spread the word on our coalitions page to assist you in recruiting long term members from your local community.

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